logoChild Safety Picture Books

DangerSpot books are children’s picture books with safety stickers helping to prevent accidents within the home and elsewhere.

Each story includes at least 4 major incidents, which teach 3 – 7 year old children about dangers. The last page is a more serious advice sheet for parents and teachers with six DangerSpot stickers, (except for “Stranger Dangers”), which the parents, teachers and children are invited to place around the home or school to identify dangers.

First and foremost, the stories are funny and entertaining for children. That way, they pay attention and the safety message sinks in.

Twelve titles available:

“The Dangerous Road Game” ISBN 978-0-9546565-4-6
“Fire in the Fryer” ISBN 978-0-9546565-2-2
“A Dangerous Day on the Farm” ISBN 978-0-9546565-5-3
“The Dangerous Pirate Treasure” ISBN 978-0-9546565-3-9
“The Hair-Raising Kite Flight” ISBN 978-0-9546565-1-5
“The Dangerously Big Bunny” ISBN 978-0-9546565-7-7 (available also as an animation DVD)
“Stranger Dangers” ISBN 978-0-9546565-8-4 (Contains no stickers)
“A Dangerous Christmas” ISBN 978-0-9546565-6-0
“The Deadly Sweet Cupboard” ISBN 978-0-9546565-0-8
“A Nasty Shock” ISBN 978-0-9546565-9-1
“The Harey Bike Ride” ISBN 978-0-9565593-0-2
“A Harey Day at the Seaside” ISBN 978-1-908352-14-9

A catalogue is available online by copying and pasting this address into your web browser
at http://www.dangerspot.co.uk/images/catalogue.pdf


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